Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Oath at bottom

Very, very minor point, after much discussion if you recall we went with "sarn nan dorn" - "die by my hand" for the last part of last line in the end to avoid using megil - blade too much.

I assume that after everything has been sorted we will get rid of all the OOC stuff and just leave the cool IC stuff...? Or was there talk of a sep website for that...?


  1. Sorted.
    On the second point, i guess that depends on how this evolves and whether we want to share it with any other groups (will they want to look at it?)

  2. Nice one. Yes that is exactly the point I guess - I dont think we want people looking out our ooc musing but maybe they would be interested in the stories (as I think they are mint). I certainly have had a quick look at all the groups' webpages that have a link of the Al Gaia site. I guess if we did go that route would be nice to put the tales in a chronological order (whether oldest to newest or vice versa, whichever makes most sense)

  3. First line of the oath needs changing too. It should be "Fa ee jkhol *TE* dagora".

  4. Fixed.

    If we want to open this up to other people it's easy enough to delete any of the entries, so once we're happy with it, or if we end up with a better hosting solution, we can take down the conversational posts (we can keep them offline for reference).

  5. I also spelt Jkohl wrong all the way through....