Saturday, 30 July 2011

Renewal 2011

Right, so, laugh.
First things first:
1) who's going?
2) when are they going?
3) What has been happening IC since last event?
d) use her as a human shield and fight your way out
5) Where, IC, are those who are not going going to be?
6) Why do whales have to be so damn big?
7) Shall we meet up for a beer beforehand (particularly for those not going)?
8) All of the above.


  1. I'll kick off then with responses.
    1) Yes am going
    2) Thursday - arrival early afternoon if Alan agreeable to that kind of timing
    3) Not entirely sure since I was not at May event but am assuming (and playing it) that I have been up North tracking Voice and his minions in search of leads to the Key. Have also been making use of Great Wood library en route and other sources/collections of writings as and when available.
    This has in turn led me to some other leads that may affect other groups potentially...nothing certain though as needs further research.

    An element of goings on back in Aquila .... well see 'Of Children & Crows'.
    d) Expect no less especially if she is a munter
    5) Good point
    6) and why is the sky blue?
    7) I think so.

  2. Dear fucking Jesus it has been a bloody nightmare to get logged onto this shit. However, I am now. I hope.

    Either my incompetence (quite likely) or my fucking stupidity (also worth considering) means I've been having trouble logging into this blog thingy so apologies for not replying to verious posts earlier. I blame my parents (this is a very likely excuse as it also goes some way to explaining Drew...). In case this bollocks still doesn't work and tirade of swearing (sorry, fucking swearing) hasn't given it away, this is Alan.

    It's not. He could spell better than I could.

    Anyway, in answer to the questions:
    1) Yes, I’m going.
    2) Whenever Drew goes but I'm quite up for a Thursday start especially if J and Alan are going to be there too.
    3) We need to decide whether we came back to the city after the event. I would say no and J can bring us "tidings" etc. Or, more likely, his shit-stained pants to be washed. Anyone fancy doing the letters-from-home type deal again or, if people are too busy, me and Drew can put together some letters for people in the week we have off before the event? I quite fancy giving Renkin 1 letter full of boding portents etc and Y’dar 27 letters from a friend inviting him to a party he can’t make but invited him anyway and 26 other friends all saying that they can make it. Kind of like a shit Facebook.
    d) Got to entirely agree with J's munter comment but honestly, even if she's a looker, if I have to choose between her bullet-ridden corpse and my escape - she's fucked. Before and after she's dead. Hey, I'm a broad church (which leads onto some laborious gags about broads/women, priests kiddie-fiddling, the holy Eucharist, the resurrection (hur hur hur) and necrophilia - do your own jokes).
    5) We can think of some weak-arsed reason for the slackers who can’t make it. Something to do with being gay and bumming their own face.
    6) Whales – to keep sea levels up. Blue sky – visible light spectrum. I see your questions sir and raise you: What is truth?
    7) Beer would be good. I suggest, to start some meaningful discussion, evening of Tuesday 23rd.

  3. answer to question six is stated in point 7.

  4. I was playing it that tal'nas had been up North ever since the last Mong Fest (aka Renewal) working on the warband's mission to track Key down. Travelled up via the Great Wood on way for brief stop off there.

    That you guys then maybe left bit earlier to account for the May event as it was getting a bit nippy and you fancied a sunny beach holiday on the costs del chav in order to recharge the batteries before facing the abundance of dirty sobaks and their death metal tee shirts that will be the Renewal car park and Thursday daytime.

    I can bring word / letters / washing if you fancy for sure.

    Quid est veritas? ... 'Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.' Marcus Aurelius

    As said via text, I reckon I can take the Lodge to event and then on my other travels from event if we feel a in character dumping ground would be useful. May just serve as good bolt hole if weather turns bad and also as a general meeting up place during the days ... ?

    Would just need to make sure we had packed it down and loaded back into the car early Monday morning as I'm not entirely sure when I have to leave but don't want to be hanging round when got to drive a ways south and would like to have some time with Sara and her family before they leave.

    Hoping our battle will be Sunday so can then take off early Monday to make up some time. (Left very few events early other than that May one so sure this time if necessary won't be end of the world tbh.)

    Without my camp cooking partner of Alan I see little point in taking more stuff that is going to load up my car unnecessarily later on by taking stoves etc to cook for two of us ... so guess we at the mercy of the best of what the Yankee Dawg has to offer God Help Us.
    Or we can just crash those that are cooking with elven wit and random violence.

    (Thought food should be mentioned just to get K involved as that seems to be the trigger ;o) ... ?!)

  5. Tuesday 23rd sounds good for evening meet. You could even come and see the shop as we will be there until 5pm and could go straight out from there. Saves me having to go home and then come back into the city.
    17 Westlegate is the address. Just between John Lewis and M & S.

  6. Do you guys need Ras Atan card? If so let me know asap (via text much quicker than here) so my mamma can post it to someone or get it ready for collection

  7. I'm guessing no-one has said that we need it. Probably best that you hang on to it for now, after all, why would we have it?

    I'm tempted to skip the lodge, maybe try hanging out in the court tent a lot more or take advantage of the hospitality of our friends and Kin?

    I am going to have a quick fiddle in the garden (hurhurhur) to see if I can knock up something we can use as a sun / shower shelter. But it might not fucking work alright. Sheesh, give a man a fucking break. In fact, fuck you. Fuck all of you right up the fucking shitter you fucking fucks.

  8. Calm down fuck face! And by the way, i think J said the High Elves arent going t be there so no 'court' to shelter in.....

    And yeah you prob wouldn't have Ras Atan but as it is a 'warband' blade, not just Ydar's it might have gone with you if thought would be more use there than wherever YDar is meant to be (wherever Shao's mum is I would guess...that is why the call him the Red)