Friday, 6 August 2010

Caran Bara

His blades are seen in the warband
in the struggle with the hard foe.
Before the rumble of his shield there is flight:
innumerable men fled before Limmer’s hill-fort.
As his hand did grip
his sturdy lime-board shield.
He pushed, he was pushed.
Those that he struck,
did not strike back,
but were slain.

With red-sided blades
filling the ground.
Wearing gold at the forefront of battle
the laureate Gaesatae does slay men.
The Sereg in his station, the boar of the company,
Ydar violent in slaughter, the reddened manslayer in fury.

Composed by Greyus Club-foot, Skald of King Breor Barelegs, after the Battle of Limmer Hill, Ashanor 1107. The subject rewarded him handsomely


  1. Alternatively, the italics at the bottom could read ‘composed by Greyus Club-foot, Skald of King Breor Barelegs, after the Battle of Limmer Hill, Aranor 1107. The subject rewarded him handsomely’

    Depends if we want it as a Sithi or sudhod-ya creation, as this would perhaps have an impact on whether John wants to included it in his account of The War in the North (which I know we talked about when I penned this some months ago).

    In fact, having it as a sudhod-ya ode might make more sense and explain why it so bigs up a not hugely important character: the deeds of Limmer Hill are not that heroic by Sithi standards but would be thought of as by the people they saved by defeating their enemies there…Thoughts?

    Also the pic of the boars head might want to be resized or another one found, more in keeping with the other pics we have. I got a cool photo of one from the Getty museum but it has Copyright Getty in big letter on top - could this be removed?

  2. That is why they call him the Red...

    Anyway. I can probably trim/cut/crop/etc your getty museum pic if you want.

  3. I can do amazing things with photos. but i still can't make you look good.