Sunday, 22 August 2010

Ydar at court

Folks, just been reading the Ydar in Aquila stuff, i'm not going to post it as a blog entry because it's too damn long for that so I've sent it to Alan for hosting and then i'll stick it in the background section.
Having read it, the following questions are raised:
What is the crow shadow?
Who is Lassal?
Who is Rauxlor?
Who is Seeker?
What is a Skywatcher?
Who is Tirendel?
Where are Jakob’s royalties?
“key was long since lost to our peoples but only when the Voice came to her door” So when was the key taken? Before the fall? During the time of Jao? Or previous to that? What is the timeline here?
And finally, have you cunts never heard of speech marks? That’s before I get started on the use of “myself" instead of "I"...


  1. The Crow Shadow is what Seeker the Crow spoke of to the Aditu in the lodge at Renewal 1108 when she brought the letters and gift from Avarin - the cloud that now hangs over the city caused by the Crows / the magnitude of their task in seeing the 5 Lords to the Halls of the Dead when their bodies lie in a far off place.

    Lassal is the long established NPC. Previously played at Twelfth Night events, the one who was charged with returning Navarre to the Elf culture at behest of Amerasu and now probably best described as the formal Chancellor to the House. Rumoured to be a previous lover to Amerasu. He is pretty damn old. He is the one who greets outsiders whenever they come to the city.

    Rauxlor - the head honcho Crow. Thought that was well known?!

    Seeker - the Crow that came to the elves at a smaller CP event and brought the news that she had taken Avarin as her new third Crowsinger to replace the deceased Amiel-Has.
    As such, Avarin's spirit guide. (see also above note re. Seeker)

    Skywatcher - just made that up so Tal'nas sisters had bit more of a story really. No meat to it other than I would say soothsayer types that read the stars and interpret them for the nobility. Lesser than priestesses in importance. Devotees of Ashaan and Arapey.

    Tirandel is the second Crowsinger. She goes way back to the early days of elf story. Never been physically played; just written about / mentioned in play by the Crowsingers of Aditu & Velent'm in past.

    The cheque is in the post.

    Exact time not known as those who had more info were Issa, Ash, Galad, sorry John - your previous long term House V character name escapes me right now cos I'm old and tired ... they saw the whole thing in a dreamroad vision. Presumed to have been soon after the Fall of Aquila to the Usurper.
    So yes, during time of Jao.

    Blinddrew is right ;o) as the use of speech marks is there unless the format got corrupted when I exported from my mac programme to MS equivalent?
    I thought the use of the marks was correct when I went through Henry's bits and mine spacing things out to make it easier to read but may be wrong... anyways, I think it's a good story all in all. Hope you all do too as we both put lot of thought into it.

    I have never put the chapters I wrote of the Aquila story out amongst others as it is very much a work in progress being done for fun rather than our own play and has no bearing on current elf world stuff - it contains more detail on some of the stuff Drew has highlighted, hence why some may seem 'unknown about'.

    Problem with having such a deep and long backstory in our LRP I guess!

  2. Additional re. Crow Shadow: That was the reason for the task set Ydar's group to get remembrances from the old allies to try and lift the shadow.
    Hence visits to Franconians, Mongol and such at that event.

  3. so, rauxlor and seeker, are they corporeal elves or already moved onto the spirit road?
    Should have a think about where we fit the skywatchers into the priesthood diagram

  4. Sky-watcher: Think that needs to be established as I too have been guessing at that the whole time. Not in the priesthood structures and I think we should try and stop ad-libing stuff re ranks/titles structures. Maybe have it as a junior initiate of Ashan? If you look at the Ashan part of the Priesthood PowerPoint the "priestess" brackets contains both full and junior ranked priestesses. Let's say the sky-watchers are the lowest ranks of Ashan devotees, much like a 'Son of Baradan' or a 'Disciple of Uludael' as I see this sky-watcher title fitting better with the more austere Ashan than jovial Arapey. Plus Asahn is meant to be our number one.

    Lassal: in addition to what J says he is Chamberlain to First Family and hence the senior rank of the First Household. See second slide of Aditu Structure PowerPoint.

    Key: No fucking clue - hence Ydar’s need to go and ask what the fuck was going on, and why he states he knows nothing of it. That being said I guess the key and its history must be something that the pop of Aditu DON’T know about…

    And to be honest Henry doesn’t know either. Think I remember the key to the tower of the moon being mentioned once or twice when I was Issa or Lanval but that is the extent of my knowledge as I didn’t have a clue then either.

    I was just penning an email to John and Matt about this actually, saying how Ydar would have gone to his mother and her colleagues in the archives and libraries to ask for all info on the key they know…. ‘cos he knows sweet FA….

    Seeker: I too need some clarity on Seeker. Am I right to think he is one of the spiritual manifestations of a crow singer’s sprit guide and one that, as such , guides Aditu dead to the halls of Jhkol? So he appears more as an apparition than a physical body. To be honest, I don’t think we want to be meeting him again in a hurry - not until I am good and ready and anointed with oil and such anyway! Too spooky! :P Oh and Drew, you were outside the tent when Seeker appeared last Renewal so no wonder you don’t remember!

    And finally, I gave Jakob the best part of a gold to pen that awesome song and recall that you got a copper (min) from each of us form every rendition - should be enough to enable that gypo minstrel to buy a coat not shredded by a bear so tell the dirty sobak to shut it! That is unless he feels like giving us all a rendition of Limmer Hill of course....

  5. Seeker & Rauxlor are crows, as in the actual birds. WWe have had to figure a way of playing them o rare occassions which led to Gary and I coming up with the crow cloak kindly made by his wife and a bird mask. That is what we used when Seeker came to the CP event speaking of how she had taken Avarin and Rauxlor in past.
    Due to limitation sof reality Gary & I have both had to play the crow by hunching under the cloak etc as not possible to get a real bird.
    Rauxlor is male and Seeker female.
    Seeker is quite vicious compared to all of the crows. (I can write this up so we all clear very briefly seperately - will do that).

    Don't worry - they are VERY RARE appearances and not an everyday thing.

    Sky-watchers comments all sound fine and fitting. I didn't mean to muddy he waters but Morwenas needed a job and we had layed with portents inthe sky a bit before.

  6. On Key there is very little known by Aditu populace as most of them have no memory or experience of Aquila before its fall and she was connected with the Tower to the Moon in the city.

    Ydar getting what info he can makes perfect sense considering nature of his audience with Avarin and the content. I will try to put some bits together but essentially we are on a magical mystery tour.

    The intention was for everyone in the warband to hear Seekers message as requested in the letter sent ahead but think we were tight on space and wanted to get others involved rather than be purely insular. We then got a bit bogged down with confusion on us plot and us at CP events etc so it got sidelined but now we all sorted out on keeing CP and our own potential plot short events seperate and everyone wanting to do some kind of mini adventure it is back in play. :o)