Saturday, 7 August 2010

Renewal Interaction

I would like to put forward 2 ideas for the Renewal 1110 event.
We all pay a substantial fee to go in order to mix with a variety of class of people / role players and these suggestions would give us a good base to build our own confidence from to then take ourselves out into the wider picture ...

1. We build bridges within our own Faction by visiting the Thornruin as a complete warband to present ourselves in friendship and in respect of the previous Aditu-Thornruin alliances and ties of friendship.
We can use this moment of role-play between us to properly explain our new group set-up (in-character, as we are not gay role players who quote rulebook ver batem) and just reaffirm our ties as elven race with new leaderships.

2. The Franconians always make invites and have their open hospitality often 'abused' (dare I say) so suggest we invite them formally into our camp ground by written missive giving a day's notice. This will enable them to interact within the Al-Gaia camp and specifically the elven elements.
I think we could host them under our own awning and then move it into a more interactive role-play situation by including the Lazuli and Thornruin.

Discuss, in no more than 4000 characters ;o)


  1. Regarding the Franconians, I have been thinking along the same lines, but to invite them over for some food - canapes, cake and wine - something civilised (getting into character already...).

    Invite the Eroed as well as Lazuli and Thornruin?

    I also think we should start to establish friendships/allies with select groups in other factions as well.

  2. All for increasing formal contact with the steppe and the rest of the algaia. Not sure on groups outside the Faction, guess you have the best perspective on that Alan. I'm not sure if there's any kind of smith's guild running but if so i'll try and nose out any other potentially useful groups.

  3. We should visit eored in same vain as Thornruin. We need to build on our realtionship with them just as we do with teh Thornruin. I think i am right in saying the eored are lsightly outside the faction as we are. It would be suseufl to know their situation as well as fostering closer ties. We have the white arrow to this end but need not be used immediately. Regardless, thjey should provide good back up or merely info for the treaty talks with faction command. We should also invite them and the Thornruin to join us and the Franks. Playing the hosts is alwya a great way to make/strengthen friendships.

  4. The Eored have been granted lands in the Algaia terretory, if my memory serves it was a very long but narrow strip of land butting up against another faction (or the Greenskin Empire). This effectively made them responsible for a huge part of the defence of the Algaia, leaving the Dons to live in untroubled elsewhere. Rather clever I thought.

  5. Ah ok, cheers Alan. Still would be an interseting convo to have with the Eored, namely how they arrived at the treaty/what it is etc.