Sunday, 8 August 2010

Q&A part 2 - The nature of Sithi

The nature of the Sithi
Do we all agree with the creation story?
All agreed with John's introduction, as far as reaching Aquila.
Matt's chronicles follow on from the exodus.

Were the new houses / cities founded before or after the exodus?
The cities were founded after the arrival; Aquila was the final city "founded" though it is accepted that conurbations may have existed prior to the elven formal creation.

When did the second houses appear?
Second houses were founded shortly after Jao was started. Holds existed in the garden. some shit went down. your face was a racial division, that is to say, we split by deep, light, drow. That went pear-shaped in Aquila. So in Jao there was an attempt to return to a hold-like structure, the secondary houses were created as deliberate method of distributing power (shortly after the founding of Jao). Houses did exist in Aquila but only in the sub-context of noble lines - probably with a link to the strength of the blood link to the garden-born royalty.
House L'Retel were almost a separate house by the time Aquila was populated. This is likely to have stemmed from an attempted neutrality in the garden.

As Sithi are we a declining breed or are we at our peak?
We are not currently in a stage of decline, whilst we, as a species, may not be at the height of our greatness, we as house, are on a resurgence. For the members of the current warband (and most of the current active members of the house) we are stronger than we have been in most memories. We are Re-ant...

What the fuck are spirit guides?
Animal characters that have the power of speech to their chosen elf. The elf does not command the guide, vice versa. A spirit guide will rarely cause a conflict in purpose due to their ties to the elf. In general the spirit guide will just be a background influence however in extreme cases they might take direct action to influence a characters behaviour. A guide is normally a reflection of the personality of the elf. The only defined guardians are stag (for wardens) and Crow (guide). Amongst the Jao-houses, wolf is one of the most common, particularly amongst hunters (especially so within Aditu an Velent'm). Bears and Beavers figure strongly in Athuati. Birds are common guides amongst the more cerebral (rather than martial) elves.
L'Retel do not have spirit guides.


  1. With reference to what the nature of the Sithi it would be good to have a bit more info. I semed to recall Drew and I reasoned soemthing out re the splits of the sithi, elf killing elf and all that jazz over email a while back. Though you guys clearly discussed this and no doubt elborated on it and did some more work I am still a bit confused. Drew do you have the email convo we head (my work email in which we blabbed is now defunct)? I seem to reacll we got to a surprisingly logical and coherent place, which fitted with above but in more details, but can't for the life of me remember hardly any of it. Would be useful to have a refresher on here as as useful as my face being a racial divsion is it doesn't help me with the reasoning when some supposed elf is getting all in my face and needs a dry slap.... I know I can give him one but can't remember why and I would be good to be able to!

  2. ugh. might have it somewhere. have to check, but i clear out my mails fairly regularly because our systems are shite. Otherwise we'll have to think it all through again. no-one wants that.

  3. John may be able to help too.......?

  4. right ho, unbelievably i still have it. new post coming up...