Sunday, 8 August 2010

Q&A part 4 - Miscellany

What the fuck is drashad?
I can't tell you because we have no idea what it is.

Who the fuck are the council of trees?
Some dude heard a rumour about a suspicison that someone had mentioned they might have heard another bloke talking about, but he's not sure: a cadre of elven mages looking to create their own power-structure (Navarre, that dirty sobak, had links to this group, ergo, he's not to be trusted. fortunately he's now dead). This is very much a hidden existence and not in common awareness. It is not known if the council still exists or has any influence. The council of trees are believed to be behind the ousting of house Velent'm.

What is skilling/how does it work?
It is a message out, a powerful transmission that requires much power, either through the use of a powerful device, of through extensive prayer. Certain individuals will have a natural proclivity towards this, certain powerful individuals can do this without additional devices. Essentially distance, number of receivers, ability of receiver, and the quality of transmission will vary. Two powerful practitioners may be able to converse, a more basic transmission would be, for example, the transmission of images and basic feelings from one person to another. This would still take extensive prayer and be exhausting to the transmitter and may have adverse affects on the receiver according to the emotions contained in the message. Crowsingers tend to have a natural ability for skilling. Spirit guides are able to skill to other spirit guides.

Who are the 9 priestesses?
The lead priestesses of Ashan in Aditu. They are the only full priestesses of Ashan, they are served by accolytes who are either simply temple servants or priestesses in training. See previous blog entry from Talnas.

Where does the warband fit in terms fit in terms of heirarchy?
The war-band are a mid to low-ranking group within the martial arm of the house however the nature of the house is that it is bound by its strength in arms. As such members of any war-band are accorded respect by the wider population, especially non-combatants.

And finally, just to clarify, Amerasu is Garden-born and ship-borne.


  1. Additional:
    There are no references to Drashad within the Aditu, written or otherwise.
    Think it fair to say it is an unknown quantity and most unlikely to have cropped up. Such secrets have a tendancy to die with the dead.

    Syskin (Goblin), Navarre, Etetae, Belcore (Sudhod'ya), Paralax (Elf Mage) & Albrecht (Sudhod'ya & white arrow bearer) discovered a secret order of men/elves with knobs on the ends of their wood, named the 'Council of Trees'. . .

    They never discovered much (as they were too busy drinking, killing and politicking their way across the known world) other than they were in conflict with these _ _ _ _ _ fiddlers.
    This order tried to disrupt and influence the work of the groups of friends that then became Velent'm & Aditu in the world outside of Jao.
    Beyond that I know nothing more. There was a scroll flying around from said Council of Trees. Not sure who has it or if it even still is around.

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  3. WHOAH WHOAH WHOAH! I just noticed soemthing. Now I have always know Amerasu was ship-borne rather than born but are we really saying she was GARDEN BORN! That would make her 21,000 years old - min! Now I was always told she was born in Aquila and was a young(ish) sithi when it fell, making her more 7,000-8,000. Considering the power of the Garden Era (read John's history) I would have thought we can't have anyone from that period still knocking around in a working body (i.e might be some ascendants) - not even considering the 21,000 years part!

    13 August 2010 02:33

  4. hmm. how can she be ship-borne and born in aquila? unless she was borne unborn?
    Comments folks?

  5. I don't think I've ever been told in play that Amerasu was definitly born in Aquila but I have definitly been told she was a youngster in Aquila.

    Thinking about it I think we should make Ineluki's generation the last of the Garden born and the next generation were world-born. Amerasu Ship-BORN would be a etherial figure born between one world and the next. That would still make her sodding old but not actually of the garden and still growing up in Aquila.

    I don't know what this means for Otuku though.

  6. Otuku is meant to be way older than Amerasu I think (right K?) I dont think we can have Amersau as garden born personally - raises too many questions....