Sunday, 8 August 2010

Q&A part 3 - The North

The North
Who is Blan-Kiaos?
Blan Kiaos "Blank" is a young warrior in Y'Dar's warband who is a favoured by arapey, at present he is simply an awesome fighter but has the potential to be a war-marshall even ascendant.

Who the fuck are the Krell?
Krell are a human tribe in the north aligned with Voice. These are not good people.

Do we have allies in the north?


  1. Do we have allies in the North?

    I would say yes. The Dettanor and their King Breor would look very favourably on Aditu as we saved thier collective asses agains the Krell's wildmen and Voice. We had our own agenda but that doesn't alter this.

    I pressume we have fortited oldges etc up in the North we use as bases of opertaions.

  2. Have we got the Dettanor / Breor story somewhere to add to the background?