Sunday, 8 August 2010

Q&A part 5 - Timeline

I'll ask Alan to post this as link somewhere as well for better reference but for now, here is the revised timeline agreed:

Year Event
1110 Present
Dec 1107 Battle of Limmer Hill - End of the War in the North
Aug 1107 Lords fall
Oct 1105 Start of the War in the North
Apr 1103 Returning
~1096 - ~1103 War of Returning
5400BC - 1100 Time of Jao
5401BC Founding of Second Houses
5857BC Founding of Houses
5902BC Fall of Aquila/Flight to Great Wood
5903BC Eastern War-Hoste withdrawn from provinces to re-inforce Aquila
5904BC Loss of Southern War-Hoste
5905BC Deep Elves secretly begin escape tunnels from Aquila
5905BC Loss of Northern War-Hoste
5907BC - 5902BC The Long Rout
5907BC Seige and capture of northern city of A'Matieles
5912BC Start of 4th Usurper War
5944BC - 5932BC 3rd Usurper War
5950BC Central War-Hoste (Legion of Aquila) march from city and disappear
5971BC - 5956BC 2nd Usurper War
5990BC "Last Ride" leaves Aquila to hunt down the Beast at the Gate. Disappeared
6028BC - 6010BC 1st Usurper War
6034BC First direct contact with Usurper
6160BC - 6034BC War of Northern Tribes/War of the Hands (wars with Sudhodya Tribes orchestrated by unknown power - Usurper)
13600BC - 6160BC Time of Aquila - Independence from the Garden
14500BC Last fleet from the Garden arrives at Aquila
20000BC Founding of Aquila (later to become Ninth & Greatest city of the "Garden in Exile" Kingdom of Prince Maldon)

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